Introducing: Propelus

We’re bringing together our three, innovative product brands — CE Broker, EverCheck, and Immuware — to modernize how professionals, employers, regulators, educators, and partners work better together.

We power professionals

Propelus™ empowers millions of professionals with the confidence and the tools to achieve life-changing career advancement.
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Total professional management

Take the guesswork out of continuing education requirements and compliance status with a single, unified platform to elevate and manage the career journey.

Every step of the way

From our robust course offerings to compliance tracking and live support, Propelus enables professionals to stay on course — so they focus on what they do best.

Transforming the career journey

We’re eliminating the stress of compliance to help professionals reach their full potential. Hear from the industry professionals who’ve harnessed the power of the Propelus™ platform to pitch their careers forward.
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Trusted by 5+ million professionals, employers, regulators, and agencies

Championing professional progress for over 20 years

The world relies on professionals to perform at their highest level, so we’ve made it our mission to ensure they reach their full potential.

At Propelus™, we’re breaking through the hurdles that make achieving professional compliance a confusing, stressful experience. We deliver the most trusted and comprehensive technology solutions to propel the progress of millions of dedicated professionals with the convenience and simplicity to advance their careers.

By providing a seamless compliance management experience, we equip professionals with the confidence to keep pace with regulatory changes and drive growth and success.

Take the path to frictionless compliance

Ease the paper trail. In one place, Propelus™ offers total professional management with a suite of modern compliance solutions. Explore our industry-leading technology and bring the compliance process into the 21st century.

The Official CE Compliance System

By streamlining continuing education, professionals can stay focused on their most impactful work, not paperwork.

Dynamic Healthcare Compliance

The most trusted compliance management software designed to embrace the unique complexities of modern healthcare.

Employee Health Simplified

Delivering employee health and occupational software that enable our clients to serve their communities more effectively every day.

Who we serve

Our commitment to empowerment extends beyond individuals. Our multi-faceted comprehensive platform fosters a holistic approach to total professional management for regulators, employers, employees, vendors, staff, and our partners.

See how Propelus™
Powers Professionals

It’s our job to help patients with their care. Empathy and compassion are at the root of what we do. Our job, our profession, is in the service of others.

Caroline Bunce

Dental Hygenist

We support professionals through meaningful education that keeps them up to date and keeps them prepared to face challenges within their practices.

Luke Porter

Education Provider

Yesterday I saw my last patient for the last time. I will be 91 years on the 19th of March and officially retired as of March 31st. Thank you for making this wonderful career possible.

Helen Schuster

Social Worker

It’s time to modernize workforce compliance

Our privileged partnerships combined with our market-leading technology, vital data, and commitment to life-centricity streamline total professional management to ensure better outcomes for our communities.