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About Caroline

Caroline Bunce’s professional career has been a remarkable journey filled with determination, resilience, and a passion for dental hygiene. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, she moved to the United States at nine, not knowing any English. “Growing up, Indonesia is a third-world country, and we were not rich. But I was rich in so many ways. I always tell my students, ‘You know, looking at me, you wouldn’t know that I, you know, did not own a toothbrush until I came to the United States.’”

Caroline’s career path took an unexpected turn when she joined the Air Force. Originally planning to pursue a different field, circumstances led her to become a dental assistant. Little did she know that dentistry would find her and become her true calling.

I’d like to think that dental hygiene found me. I didn’t realize that was what I wanted to do.

During her career in the Air Force, Caroline’s dedication and passion for dental hygiene became evident. She seized opportunities to develop her skills, mentor others, and take on leadership roles. Her diverse experiences, including teaching hygiene and developing curriculum, broadened her perspective and made her a versatile educator.

After serving in various locations, Caroline retired from the Air Force and transitioned to a role as a program director at a dental hygiene school in South Carolina.

Caroline faced the challenges of maintaining her license and tracking continuing education (CE) credits. Before CE Broker, she had to meticulously document her CEU activities and keep physical folders to prove compliance in case of an audit. Moving frequently due to her military service added another layer of anxiety, as she had to ensure the safety of her important documents.

There were some files I would take with me on my carry-on luggage, but the ones that were older, I would get shipped with my household goods and prayed that it didn’t get lost overseas.

How has Propelus helped?

When renewing her license in Florida, she discovered the platform and its ability to streamline the process. CE Broker allowed her to upload and self-report her CE credits, ensuring they were counted and tracked accurately. It also simplified the license renewal process, as she only needed to click a button for the system to notify the regulatory boards of her compliance.

Introducing CE Broker relieved Caroline’s anxiety and provided a sense of security. She no longer had to worry about misplaced documents.

As Caroline’s career flourished, she eventually returned to Texas and accepted a position as a Dental Hygiene Director for a for-profit college, Concorde Career Colleges. Her determination to make a difference in the field has led her to advocate for anesthetic delivery within the scope of dental hygienists’ practice in Texas.

Caroline’s professional journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. From her humble beginnings in Indonesia to her achievements in the military and academia, she has left a lasting impact on the patients and students she has served.

It’s our job to help [patients] and help them with their care. Because empathy and compassion are at the root of what we do. Our job, our profession, is in the service of others.

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