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About Luke

Luke, the driving force behind AchieveCE, has embarked on a journey to revolutionize continuing education for healthcare professionals with a deep understanding of the industry’s pain points and a commitment to providing valuable and relevant learning experiences.

Luke’s involvement with AchieveCE began in early 2017 when two healthcare professionals approached him for assistance in developing a strategic business plan. Recognizing the opportunity to make a difference in continuing education, Luke eagerly took on the challenge.

“As a natural entrepreneur, of course, that caught my attention. How can this be done better? I found myself starting to dig, just starting to prod and poke around a little bit.”

Motivated by a survey conducted across the country, Luke identified two key pain points among healthcare professionals. Professionals felt like the content of their courses was repetitive and did not contribute to growth or excitement.

Luke firmly believed that continuing education should focus on keeping professionals up-to-date with the latest developments in their field rather than revisiting old knowledge. “If it’s their continuing education, it should be fun, exciting, and vibrant. It should be something they look forward to. Who doesn’t enjoy learning about the interesting and trending development within the professional field?”

AchieveCE adopted a data-driven approach to address this, offering trending topics and candid insights to ensure professionals were equipped with the most relevant information.

The second pain point centered around the administrative burden associated with the renewal process. Healthcare professionals often spend as much time on administrative tasks associated with the renewal process as on actual learning.

Recognizing the need for simplification and efficiency, AchieveCE streamlined the renewal experience by offering curated renewal packages. These packages were tailored to meet the specific requirements of licensing boards, combining mandatory courses with trending topics. The approach kept professionals up-to-date and minimized the time and effort required for renewal.

We hope to be able to support professionals both through meaningful education that ideally keeps them up to date and keeps them well prepared to face the challenges within their practices.

How has Propelus helped?

Throughout AchieveCE’s journey, Luke partnered with CE Broker by Propelus, recognizing their shared goals of simplifying the renewal experience and providing valuable education. By maintaining a proactive approach and anticipated future demands, AchieveCE aimed to support CE Broker’s growth plans while delivering quality content to healthcare professionals.

Luke’s passion for improving continuing education in healthcare stems from personal experiences and a desire to address existing gaps in the system. Witnessing a close friend, a nurse, express frustration with the lackluster and mundane nature of online courses, Luke recognized the need for change. By leveraging digital platforms and focusing on healthcare, Luke found an industry that aligned with his values and allowed him to make a meaningful impact.

Beyond their partnership, AchieveCE and CE Broker have joined forces to give back to the healthcare community. By offering recognition and meaningful education, they aim to support and honor the tireless efforts of healthcare professionals. “There are lots of opportunities to be able to give recognition to healthcare professionals that they often deserve but don’t necessarily often receive. Our healthcare professionals certainly are the industry that, in a very personal way, keeps really effective all other industries going.

Through AchieveCE’s innovative approach and collaboration with CE Broker, Luke is making a significant impact on the lives of healthcare professionals. “We hope to be able to support professionals both through meaningful ways of giving back as well as meaningful education that ideally keeps them ups to date and keeps them prepared to face the challenges within their practices.

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