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How Helen embraces her true passion


Social Worker




About Helen

Despite facing challenges and embracing a late-in-life career, Helen’s unwavering passion for helping others made her a remarkable healthcare professional.

Helen’s career trajectory was anything but conventional. After years of working in various fields, she found herself in a new chapter of her life, seeking a deeper purpose. “I knew that I loved working with people, and I love problem-solving.”

Helen began a new career with unwavering determination and pursued her social worker dream. At the age of 60, she obtained her master’s degree from Barry University, marking the beginning of a thirty-year career dedicated to serving others.

“I applied for a scholarship at Barry University, which was not a needs scholarship. The scholarship application was about why I wanted to become a social worker, and I got it.”

As a social worker, Helen understood the importance of staying updated with qualifications and licensure requirements for her triennial license renewal with the complexity of tracking and managing continuing education credits.

Yesterday I saw my last patient for the last time. I will be 91 years old on the 19th of March and officially retired as of March 31st. Thank you for making this wonderful career possible.​

How has Propelus helped?

With CE Broker by Propelus, Helen no longer had to spend excessive time and energy on paperwork and tracking, allowing her to focus on what truly mattered – the well-being of her patients. The platform’s intuitive interface and advanced features gave her the streamlined approach to managing her continuing education requirements.

“CE Broker helped me keep me organized in terms of licensure requirements. This really solved that problem for me, that I didn’t have to keep track of everything.”

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced Helen and countless other professionals to adapt to new ways of providing care. As physical offices transitioned to virtual spaces, Helen initially felt uncertain about the change. However, with time, she embraced the online practice and discovered its unique rewards. “When COVID hit, we were in an office and then transitioned to online. At first, I wasn’t comfortable with it, but then I loved it. After our office had to close, I continued with BetterHelp.”

As Helen’s 30-year social work career progressed, her impact on individual lives became her greatest reward. Her problem-solving approach and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques helped clients overcome challenges, save marriages, and change their lives. Her commitment to her clients resonated deeply, fueling her passion and providing a profound sense of fulfillment.

Helping people solve problems quickly was really very rewarding for me when people said, “You changed my life, or you were saved a marriage or anything or like that. It was very fulfilling and very rewarding.”

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