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 At Propelus™, we’re breaking through the hurdles that make achieving professional compliance a confusing, stressful experience. We deliver the most trusted and comprehensive technology solutions to propel the progress of millions of dedicated professionals with the convenience and simplicity to advance their careers. 

By providing a seamless compliance management experience, we equip professionals with the confidence to keep pace with regulatory changes and drive professional growth and success.

Trusted by millions of professionals, their employers, regulators, agencies, and associations.

Our values

We don't just talk about our values. We strive to live them every day.

Embrace life-centricity

We understand people are multifaceted and our world is complex. We strive to embrace complexity and diversity while keeping a finger on the pulse of external forces impacting modern life. It’s a journey and together, we ensure our solutions & services create much needed value.

Do what is right and good

We operate from a place of trust, autonomy, and integrity. We ground ourselves in being solution-oriented, not excuses, all rooted in good. We are socially and environmentally responsible, giving back to our communities and our planet.

Engage mindfully and meaningfully​

We assume good intentions and engage in an open, intentional, and curious way that demonstrates our commitment to being respectful, collaborative and decisive. We hold strong opinions loosely and choose not to be defensive or committed to being right.

Commit to continuous improvement

We thrive in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment. We do not fear failure. Rather, we are resilient. We learn from our mistakes, we adapt, we pick each other up, and move forward better, faster, and more purposefully each day, even when it’s difficult.

Focus on innovation and outcomes

We are committed to creating ultimate value for our customers. We believe in our vision and mission. Through modern, outcomes focused technology offerings, an unwavering dedication to high-quality and timely deliveries, reliability and security, we solve big problems and do meaningful work.

Introducing Propelus™ marks a significant milestone along our 20-year journey to empower professionals throughout their career and ultimately, helping safeguard our communities. We are focused on ensuring that Propelus is synonymous with our values-driven approach to simplifying workforce compliance for better outcomes – together.

Julie Walker

Propelus CEO

Propelus Leadership

Our senior leadership team is a dynamic force that leverages the collective strengths of CE Broker, EverCheck and Immuware to deliver exceptional outcomes every day.

Julie Walker

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Mann

Chief Operating Officer

John Barnes

Chief Product and Technology Officer

Samantha Young

Chief Financial Officer

Jessica Dunbar

Chief of Staff

Heidi Schulte

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Anna Whitaker

Executive Vice President, Customer Excellence

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