An Unrivaled Source Of Truth for Primary Source Verification Data

The Propelus Primary Source Verification (PSV) APIs harness more than two decades of built connectivity with unparalleled partnerships with licensure compacts, state departments, and boards, along with national certifying agencies, registries, associations, and more to provide the most reliable, accurate, and real-time data in the market today.

Connecting real-time primary source data to optimize workforce compliance

Our dynamic API-driven platform provides real-time access to primary source license, certification, and registration verification data with the most healthcare provider and practitioner sources automated to boost operational efficiencies for a happier, safer, and more compliant workforce. Additionally, you can check for any sanctions or disciplinary actions when available, ensuring a thorough evaluation of healthcare professionals' status to maintain a high standard of compliance and safety.

Coming soon, connect State, Federal, and national-level healthcare exclusion data (e.g., all available state Medicaid exclusion lists, OIG List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE), GSA System of Award Management (SAM), and more) to proactively identify excluded individuals and organizations, make informed decisions, be compliant, and safeguard your organization and healthcare community.

The most comprehensive primary data sources for healthcare

Propelus has 20+ years of experience partnering with healthcare licensure boards, agencies, compacts, and associations supporting over 5 million licensed professionals. These unparalleled partnerships ensure real-time access to the most automated primary data sources, most reliably to streamline for better operations and outcomes.

Automation that streamlines operations for better workforce management

With Propelus PSV APIs, healthcare organizations achieve dynamic workforce compliance management by automating arduous, often manual tasks, connecting and streamlining your tech stack and workflows with a single source of truth to expedite and simplify onboarding, credentialing, ongoing compliance, and more–powering meaningful efficiencies in your workforce operations.

Championing customers through extraordinary innovation and support

We love our customers, and as an API-driven solution, Propelus is adaptive, seamlessly adjusting to accommodate your day-to-day processes, and committed to helping you elevate your staff, removing manual tasks and operational redundancies, and your staff's meaningful success.

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