A Propelus Expression of Sincere Gratitude

At Propelus™, gratitude is more than a mere sentiment; it’s a compass that directs our values and collective actions. It sincerely acknowledges the positive forces shaping our journey – our customers, team, and communities. This genuine appreciation is deeply embedded in our partnership with THE DAISY Foundation™, where we unite to honor the nursing professionals who inspire us all. 

In this season of reflection, gratitude takes center stage, urging us to look deeper into the core of what drives us. The quieter moments give us pause, allowing us to appreciate the collective journey we’ve embarked upon. We find clarity in these moments of thankfulness, reaffirming why we hold our values so dearly. Gratitude isn’t just for the milestones reached; it’s for the everyday efforts, the challenges that push us, and the lessons learned along the way.

As we channel our gratitude into innovation and outcomes, ensuring that every step we take is marked by progress and purpose, we also recognize the power of partnership in amplifying our impact. This brings us to a pivotal collaboration that embodies our commitment to excellence and service: our partnership with THE DAISY Foundation. This partnership celebrates and elevates the calling of nursing – a field where compassion meets skill, and dedication knows no bounds. Through this alliance, we extend our values into the vital realm of healthcare, acknowledging the extraordinary contributions of those who give their all to care for others. 


Honoring Nurses with The DAISY Foundation 

Our core values find their highest expression in our alliance with THE DAISY Foundation. We extend a heartfelt thank you to the nursing professionals who embody the spirit of dedication and compassion. Through our partnership, we are honored to shine a bright light on their exceptional care and celebrate the essence of serving and supporting them.

The partnership with THE DAISY Foundation is a testament to our core beliefs, bridging the gap between recognizing the excellence in healthcare and the values we hold dear at Propelus. It is a tangible reflection of our gratitude for those who exhibit unparalleled dedication in nursing, a profession that demands skill and heart. 

Propelus™ is not just a brand or a business – we’re cultivating a culture where gratitude is the foundation of every action we take. In our daily operations, a continuous quest for betterment, and meaningful partnership with THE DAISY Foundation, we see the transformative power of a simple thank you.